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34 Years Of Low Cost Property Management & Rentals-Proven Results
Reliable Property Management, Rentals And Leases.
Single Family Homes, Condos And Commercial Properties
No Upfront Fees To Landlords Or Tenants
Landlords Pay Us Last After Your Property Has Been Leased.

Low Cost Property Management-rentals

Property Owners / Landlord Information

For 38 Years We Have Protected Our Clients.
If you Are Unhappy You May Cancel Our Service Before We Procure Your Tenant...But Never Has A Client Cancelled Our Management Service
Pay Nothing Till We Procure A Tenant For Your Property
We Immediately Cancel Our Services If Asked At No Charge To The Client
We Will Also Will Assist You In Selling Your Home
Contact Us At 661-510-8183 Or Email Us At Sam@samheller.com
It Is Our Goal To Make Your Rental Ownership A Stress Free Experience
It Is Our Pleasure To Serve You!

Our Services Include Applicant Screening

  • 1 Showing Property To Prospective Tenants..7 Days A Week. We Show Your Property Ourselves.
  • 2 High Visibility Signage. (some Landlords/owners Prefer No Signage And That Is Fine With Us)
  • 3 Advertising/marketing Your Property In Over 145 Real Estate Websites With Photos
  • 4 We Collect The Deposits And Forward Them To The Landlords/owners
  • 5 Move-in And Move-out Inspections (with Before And After Pictures)
  • 6 Distribute All Legal Notices If Required
  • 7 Prepare Continuously Updated Leases Created By Our Attorneys
  • 8 Continuous Updated Reporting To Landlord/owner
  • 9 Provide Pricing Information
  • 10 Arrange For Professional Photographer To Take Inside And Outside Pictures
  • 11 We Supervise Licensed Maintenance Contractors As Needed
  • 12 Tenant Screening (credit Checks, Bankruptcies, Evictions), Foreclosures
  • 13 Employment/income Verification (pay Stubs, Income Taxes)
  • 14 Post Late Notices And Collect Late Fees
  • 15 Coordinate Repairs And Refurbishing During Vacancies
  • 16 We Have An Excellent Real Estate Law Firm On Retainer If Needed
  • 17 We Assist You With Order Utilities For You For Cleaning Purposes
  • 18 We Supervise Your Gardeners, Pool Cleaners Etc
  • 19 We Work With Your Hoa If You Have One
  • 20 We Do Not Hire Part Time Or Inexperienced Agents

Our Discounted Fees

Our Leases Start For A Two Year Period To Cut Down On Wear And Tear On The Property Our Discounted Fees For Our Services Are $1,000.00 Per Year. You Pay Us After We Procure A Tenant And You Have Received Your Payment. We Do Not Charge A Fee Based On A Percentage Of Your Monthly Rent. We Do Not Cut Into Your Profit Margin If For Some Reason A Shorter Lease Is Created, We Prorate Our Fee Because We Do A Great Job Managing Your Properties, We Seldom Have Vacancies So We Can Concentrate On Getting Our Job Done Right.

Low Cost Property Management-rentals

Our 38 Years Of Integrity

We Have Never Had A Client Complaint. Many Landlords/owners Have Been With Us For Decades. We Never Accept Gifts Or Favors From Contractors Or Vendors. We Work For You. In Some Cases, We Have Used The Same Vendors And Contractors For The Past 38 Years Because They Are Trustworthy, Honest And Affordable. We Only Bill You For The Exact Amount Of The Work Order. We Never Charge A Service Fee Or Upcharge. You Pay Only For The True Cost Of The Repair. We Can Also Make Arrangements For Landlord/owner To Purchase A One Year Home Protection Plan Covering All Appliances, Electrical And Plumbing To Save On Unexpected Expensive Repairs. You Will Not Find One Complaint Or Negative Comment About Our Services Or Reputation.

Low Cost Property Management-rentals

Property Owner / Landlord Information

For 38 Years We Have Protected Our Clients Rentals/investments Never Has A Client Cancelled Our Management ...
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